Each week at Cornerstone you can expect our time of worship to include:
Praise, Music, & Singing
Honoring and expressing our
love for God.
Meditation and Prayer
Humbly seeking God’s presence
in our lives.
The searching and explanation of God’s Word for understanding, application and direction in our lives.
It is our practice to partake of
communion each Lord’s Day.  Communion is open
to all who believe that Jesus is God’s son and
have submitted their lives to following Him.
Invitation and Commitment
At the end of each service we offer an opportunity for you to consider your relationship with Christ and what step he is leading you to take.  
If you would like to speak with a minister or an elder of the church about your next step, being baptized or joining the Cornerstone Family, they will be available in the back during this time.
If you are our guest in Worship please do not feel obligated to give financially in the offering.   
 This is a Spiritual act of trust for members in their  commitment
to the ministries God is doing at Cornerstone and around the world.